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SU Nums, Pubmed ID: 6560 6065, or 6200 6635 DRC Number: 360-4176, DEB Number 802, 999 or 361/0

Other Projects

Open Source Projects

Unfortunately, the vast majority of my work is proprietary. But, I hope to do a lot more open-source work in the future, and a few existing projects are below (see also my github repos).

  • FilterNet Github Repo - This repo contains the code used for our FilterNet paper (a deep learning model for time series classification).

  • Motorshed ( Github Repo ) - Motorshed is an open-source project to explore and visualize traffic patterns using beautiful, stylized maps. A Motorshed Map shows the flow of traffic to (or from) a single point on the map (origin point), from (or to) every other point on the map.

  • Hypothetical ( Github Repo ) - A web app that helps you to explore how your cash flow situation might change in different hypothetical life events – e.g., moving to a new state, changing jobs, or having kids. It’s a work in progress, but it’s fun to play with. Written with Angular2 / Bootstrap 4.

  • nbserve - A python library that lets you serve Jupyter/iPython notebooks as read-only HTML files over the web. One of the key differences between nbserve and other options (like nbviewer) is that it lets you run the files as they’re being served, allowing you to create dynamic, always-up-to-date ‘reports’. I wrote this to help bridge the gap between exploratory data analysis and creating up-to-date, client-ready HTML reports.

  • OpenBCI Python GUI ( Github Repo ) My (now deprecated) Python GUI for the OpenBCI “Open Source Brain-Computer Interface”. I developed this in 2013 at Creare during a collaboration with the OpenBCI guys, and it was eventually open sourced. I think it’s a nice example of a concise Enthougth Traits-UI based GUI, and it contains an example of how to package a Traits GUI as a Windows Executable (see, which can be really frustrating.

  • TabSINT ( Github Repo ) I was the architect and lead developer for the original version of this software when I worked at Creare. It is the user interface side of a complete audiometric screening platform. It was further developed and then turned into this awesome open-source project by a great group of developers and engineers at Creare. Unfortunately, all of my commits were squashed before it was open-sourced. Uses AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Cordova.

Old Papers and Projects

These are mostly old files that I figure I’ll put out there for Google to find, just in case they’re useful to someone.

  • Removal of Debris from a Cryopreserved Cell Suspension Using Dielectrophoresis My final report from my NSF REU after sophomore year in the Hubel lab. From the abstract: The feasibility of using dielectrophoresis to separate live cells from cellular debris in a continuous stream is evaluated. There is currently great interest in removing cellular debris from cryopreserved cell suspensions prior to patient infusion, and dielectrophoresis (DEP) appears to be ideally suited to this task. This paper aims to distill and summarize the relevant theory, to realistically assess the appropriateness of DEP to this project, and to give recommendations for further work. PDF 5.6 MB (!)
  • Analytical and Numerical Prediction of Concentration Profiles in Microfluidic Gradient Generators In the past several years, microfluidic devices which create chemical gradients by diffusive mixing have been used to study the response of cells to chemical signals. This paper (a final project for a microfluidics class) presents an analytical solution to the mixing problem. First, the 3-D problem is reduced to a 2-D problem by a Taylor Dispersion approximation, and the appropriate smallness parameter is determined. Second, the 2-D problem is solved using a Fourier Series approach. Third, the solution is shown to agree with a numerical COMSOL simulation. PDF .5 MB
  • Analytical and Numerical Prediction of Concentration Profiles in Microfluidic Gradient Generators (scaled) An earlier version of the paper described above; it uses a different scaling for the Taylor Dispersion problem, but is not as rigorous. PDF .5 MB
  • Basic Collagen Info “This document summarizes some basic information about collagen, the form it takes in the cornea, and ways that it can be manipulated in vitro, with an eye towards attempting to align collagen gels by spinning them.” From my days in the Orwin lab. PDF 71 KB


  • The Real Estate Boom: [Ir]rational Exuberance? A presentation from a term paper I wrote in December 2005 for an Engineering Economics class. Examining historical national and regional real estate data, and adjusting for inflation, I found that home prices in the majority of the US were “Not beyond the range of generous fundamental analysis.” However, prices in cities like San Francisco and Boston had price increases that were “wholly unsustainable” and “likely due to speculation” and which, considering the history of boom and bust in these regions, “may exhibit serious price declines”. Interesting to look at in hindsight… PDF 440 KB
  • California Electricity Deregulation I’m a supporter, for the most part, of deregulating business. So, it bugs me when people point to the California Electricity “Deregulation” as evidence of a need for regulation. If you look closely, this was the exact opposite of deregulation. Or, so I argue in this paper. PDF 499 KB