In case you were wondering, I made it


It’s unlikely that anyone is still following this, but for posterity’s sake, I’ll note here that I did finally make it to Pennsylvania. I’ve been shuttling back and forth between Bethlehem and the Bay Area. Here are some broad-strokes highlights.

  1. It was great to see George in Chicago (this was just after the Gas Station at the End of the Universe). Maddy and I went for an epic rollerblade where she nearly died of heat stroke (she literally couldn’t walk), and then she got some water and hammed it up at the dog park:

2010-04-15 15.07.23

George convinced me to put Maddy in doggie daycare for the night (unbelievably, we managed to pull this off at 8pm in a new city). The view from George’s downtown apartment is incredible:

2010-04-15 21.46.53

Chicago, overall, impressed me a lot. It reminded me of Manhattan. I’d have to say that I had no idea how big Chicago was until I got there. Here is a picture of me and George in front of a silver ball.

2010-04-16 12.46.10

And, here is one without the giant ball.

2010-04-16 12.33.33

I drove on through Cleveland, Ohio and western Pennsylvania, before finally reaching Bethlehem.

I think the East Coast is incredibly beautiful. But, to be honest, I was too tired of driving to really care anymore, and I wanted to get home. Now, Maddy has a big backyard to have adventures in, and tons of small animals to murder.

2010-04-18 15.22.22

Plus, she can hang around with the other boxers, and sit on my sister Emily like she owns her.

2010-04-21 15.57.12

Well, there’s been a lot that’s happened in my life since. Mostly, traveling a lot for job interviews and, finally, getting a job offer that I’m super excited about.

Now, I’m busy planning my final big adventure before settling into a 9-5. More on that in the next post!